In order to have greater presentation that will represent your company, our team of designers and programmers will develop ideal application for your device. This would provide completely new and unique experience for your clients and customers; also, it would grant them complete access to information and offers.

Implementation of interactive devices:

  • Hotels (room guide or hotel facilities)
  • Restaurants (orders, queues, vacancies)
  • Tourist facilities (maps and guides combined with mobile applications)
  • Business-sales centers (information desk, guide through business premises, e-shop)
  • Museums (audio-visual guide through the museum and the exhibition)
  • Amusement parks and multiplexes (content guide, ticket purchases, seat reservations)
  • Companies (presentation of companies and offers)
  • Wineries (brand presentation and wine assortment)
  • Fitness and spa centers (appointment reservations and guided through specialized trainings)
  • Mega-markets (billboards and orders)
  • Smart home systems (remote control and navigation through operating systems)

Experience the realistic display of the HOLA devices within your personal space with expanded reality. Install our AUGMENTED REALITY APP on your smartphone and start HOLA virtual products.

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